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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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and that is where the public is being misled. united loses track of a 10 year-old girl flying to summer camp we uncover how airlines outsource kids' safety when they fly alone. did wait so you are one of those lawbreakers? tired of your neighbors skirted the law? so now you can get revenge with the chp wants to do. they may look good that there can be some unfettering side effects of the most stylish clothes can be bad for health good evening it is easy to bad mouth airlines these days but this one is a doozy. united lost track of a 10 year- old girl from san francisco who is flying all by herself. reporter julia good bridge on the load industry practice that this exposes.
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loss luggage is one thing but a loss minor is 100 different story. she is flying alone to summer camp to began the service that helps unaccompanied minors never shut up to help her make connecting flights imagine being her parents in getting the finding phone call from camp your daughter is unfair. the waves the 10 year-old phoebe was all alone at one of the world's busiest airports. her parents paid united's extra $99 fee to have their daughter escorted to her connecting flights the escorts never shut up. the equates they're trying to get the cheapest labor force so many of their services. and that is where the public is being misled. airline travel industry consultant alexander says what united did was outsourced the escort service. a little loan industry practice of hiring outside companies to escort kids from gate to gate.
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to you drop the child off to the kids with a career carrier employee. that is more reassuring than knowing that their kid is going to be taken by the cheapest labor the confines to get that person to another place. he was at his camp in michigan to flu first from sfo to chicago's o'hare. worse was stranded. never getting on her connecting flight to miss again her parents found out to is missing when they received a frantic phone call from the camp that the be wasn't under flights. these parents at a letter of complaint to the united dieseling the airlines neglected their daughter houses along for more than two hours at the airport. and the couple's nightmare experience: customer service. being connected to an agent in india and being put on hold for more than 40 minutes. the consequences can be a minimum of it, $27,500
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violation. the deal ultimately permitted to give safe late her love is lost for three days her parents didn't must talk on camera and united refuses to identify the company that was supposed to look after the girl united has refunded the $99 dollar escort fee to phoebe's parents. juliet get rid cbs five. looking for the * button on their keyboards again giants slugger the peterborough who has led the majors with 159 hits this season admit he's a cheater to. major league baseball said today cupper tested positive for testosterone he has been suspended for 50 games essentially the of the season. in this post bonds arab sharons and masks is a suspension enough. dirichlet's the bread and some down. he won the long way. britain's left field. all-
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star mvp milky to prayer's season is over. it's a heartbreaker. mesa felt terrible. giants fans fear without the milkman their playoff hopes will go bike bye- bye baby. cabrera tops announce in the league in hits in his 346 batting average ranks second and will the league but the breath is the second giants after gear motel and fourth major league player to get a drug suspension this season. i think he got what it deserves because he is there to set an example and it should be player for his team. any statement he said am deeply sorry for my mistake and i apologize to my teammates to the san francisco giants organization and to the fans flooding and down. teocallis at least committed to it. for disappointed. milky was having a real mess here for is by s our thoughts are right
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now that we move on. the giant support major league baseball's decision much of the team take a tougher stance for using performance enhancing drugs especially after ball " barry bonds and its or boris was implied team management turned a blind side steroid use. formal criminal defense attorney in giant radio host mark lowry. except his punishment excessive did wrong side don't think they should fire him. they say his late-season suspension is pot punishment enough. 50 games is a loss and look at this team is in a pennant race. if the giants get that far cabrera could come back and play in the national league championship series but the giants could leave a space open (on the roster the team is expected to decide on the roster as early as tomorrow. live in san francisco's cbs five. bay area buses have become an unexpected battlegrounds in the arab-israeli conflict. is there with these ads paid for by pro-
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israeli organization. reporter kristin harris on how these ads could change entire policy. he was walking down the street 21st of the ad. as an arab muslim living in san francisco and as the son of a new driver i can't imagine my father driving around with an aunt that describes him in those words. to assuage the picture he took says it all. in any war between the civilized man in the savage the ad read support the civilized man. support is well into the g hyde. the ads paid for by the american defense initiative have been denounced by the anti- defamation league. evidence supported taking the ads down. but as a person in a fight that he says the municipal transportation authority is not prepared to take on. after getting hundreds of phone calls and e-mail's the ncaa's adding disclaimers to all 10 of the buses currently running the ads
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in considering changing the policy to permit its all political speech. tensions have mounted for muslims recently in california. we know that even in california and the last 10 days has been a tax on all six federal states. at berkeley is setting down the moslem students phyllites later on campus the study also found that jewish students feel threatened by anti-israeli protests that smack of anti-semitism choose leaders say the say that is a misconception. we know many jews including myself to believe that it criticizing israel is not anti- semitic there is anti-semitism that this is an days so the city acts it provides a record for something that is not there. he wants to see these at come down with room left for respectful political speech. the american freedom defense initiative the group ran this ad has labeled a
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hate group by the southern part poverty law center did not return any e-mail's seeking comments live in san francisco cbs five. nearly 2 million young illegal immigrants lined up for these today their chance to live the american dream. long lines formed all across the country including chicago los angeles in san francisco these young people are applying for the right to work legally in america without being deported. the president pass that action in june allowing some kids across the u.s. illegally by their parents to get jobs and driver's license is the first time in their lives. dirichlet's to live with the fear of not knowing what is going to happen the next day if your going to be ... your children always went to happen to your status is really stressful. yet least the interfaith coalition says it wants to take this move a step further it wants to get a bill passed that would prevent law-
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enforcement from detaining people for deportation unless they have been convicted of a felony. advocates scored a victory today in committee killed a bill that would close the loophole in california's assault weapons law four months we have been reported the so- called old boss and a device that makes an ar-15 were ak-47 attack and legal in the states. reporter alan martin tell tells us backers of the bill had hoped the recent massacres in colorado and wisconsin left helped galvanize support. in california you can legally on an ar-15 semiautomatic rifle as long as it has what's called a bullet bison. that device allows the attachment to the magazine even though under california law detachable magazines in combination with other features are illegal. but under california regulations written to enforce the law the bullets bison makes the guns magazine
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fixed and therefore illegal because you needed tools of such as the table below to detach it. will we have found is that there is a loophole. after seeing the report said richard li lin d. introduce legislation to ban the bulls button. even though thousands of guns have been sold in california. what happens with the weapons that are already been sold or wrote would be sold before july of next year? he equates the would not be in compliance with a lot. and so they would then have to make the adjustments take away some of the features if in fact there might to keep that particular weapon. but owners and manufacturers saw the bill as both an attack on citizens' rights to own and keep their property as well as legislation that would be fiscally irresponsible for the state. the least we have perhaps 500,000 firearms to be affected by this legislation. i an estimated
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value of $100,000 per firearm that's one half a billion dollars that this is looking to take out of the private property of its constituents. the group chalcogens promised to lobby against the bill. these are real constitutional problems. gene hackman is president of the foundation. the equates it with a series reconfiguration. but early this morning the state assembly appropriations committee decided to polls energies bill from consideration the fact of leigh anne in the battle of the old boston. at least for this year. the committee says the bill was pulled because it targets a major issue in action should not be rushed. unless the committee changes its mind and the bullet bill is heard in the assembly vote on it by friday the bill cannot be reintroduced again until next year which his staff assures me will happen. alan martin cbs five. a chp is looking for a few
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good sense is live in what is asking you to ride out your friends and neighbors. did wait a battle over costco was some shoppers want special hours just for americans. from nerve damage to lung from nerve damage to lung problems the trendy clothes
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neighbor is violent lot the chp wants to know about its. it is asking as he ran out to anyone and everyone else who was driving around without a california license plates. at a safe place as a legal. but as csi reporter found out to getting people to snitch may not be that easy. they're all around as cars from colorado illinois and new hampshire and nevada test and in a few. folks who have made california their new home but the chp says many of them are cheated the state out of millions of dollars. did least in needs to registered in california. even though the fees
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are really high. by lawyer 20 days to register your car but many drivers don't it is expensive so the chp reminds the public of a feature on its web site called cheaters short for californians help eliminate all the base of registration scofflaws' enter the offenders and flat in fell in the chp tracks them down last year they help bring in three- quarters of a million dollars in registration fees. most people in california the vast majority are good at standing people like and treats and pay their registration and expect the same for other people. he was registering his car at the dmv after moving here from new hampshire and says we should rely on the honor system. degrees i think is to be each person's responsibilities to do is answer i think it's up to the neighbors to report its. teocallis see one of the lawbreakers? back when she was 19 eric held on to her cheaper to jason for morgan because she couldn't
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afford to register here. the one $1,000 and said that's crazy. for others it's about not snitching and minding run business. it's like those white lies that are naturally hurting anybody. is the chp says that notice is bike in the number about as the plates they think it is because high-tech companies are hiring anyone please they're putting into the area. the fine for not registering your car is about $400. levenson is a kid does cbs five. a border battle is burning north of seattle and costco is at heart. cars packed parking lot this costco stores in bellingham washington canadians are taking advantage of their strong dollar and are coming to america to stock up on everything from gas to the streets. in to the locals are fed up with traffic and crowds. so they want costco to hold certain shopping hours just for americans. we got a few times a
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month in seville fair bit of money. bed economy's reliance on canadians stop shopping in decorating. which in be limiting access based on nationality. costas says it is doing all it can to help control traffic and be vote store hours her but it would offer american only shopping hours. the mayor has a message for all of her fellow americans are complaining the local retail sales tax doubled in the past year mostly due to people coming from canada. they look good but they're not always so good for a body. the nerve damage to london zoo's leave and not some of the most popular clothing trends out there to cause serious health problems. reporter mary kay place has skinny on a tight clothes. it's one thing to the festival did with the canadians themselves are too tight and times. the squeeze as much in plant much thereof and doctors
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say to my squeezing yourself and domestic scenes can cause nerve compression from delaware tight pants most common sentiments of the mccall's paris etiquettes where running for mayor abdomens your eyes compressed by tight clothing. some people get numbness jimmy into tight jeans can also cause abdominal discomfort heartburn and belting. tight pants syndrome happens most often with someone's waste is a least 3 in. larger than their pants size. since belt can cause similar problems. the peter discomfort is sometimes uncomfortable so they're require medication. if you wear body shapers remember they're made for smoothing not squeezing you down a full size. it does leave marks a year leg sometimes. it leaves evidence. of 12 title for too long some shippers can also prevent the lawns from fully inflating reducing oxygen in making phyllite headed the combination of a gesture of anti can make
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any yeah look. parts together but outset and that attendance by sure it's better to small according to cornell university study. the equates you have your carotid vessels going up to the princess sometimes people can have some restricted blood flow which can cause headaches and the revision type shirt collars and ties can increase muscle tension in the back and shoulders. there's no need to cause yourself intricacy possible. concord is the idea to be comfortable? the quake actually i put up their one out of 10 maybe nine. as the pretty loose fitting comfortable. so tight is not my style. temperatures were a bit more comfortable in and today much cooler around the bay area and all the changes in the weekend aliquippa pinpoint,,,,,,
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63 degrees today in san francisco 89 degrees of livermore red national debt of a status field rent their necks to
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the bay bridge to we're calling on their future cast and there you have it's in the cloud that will remain very tight to the coast for tomorrow morning's commute also went to the bay then retreat very rapidly said go in with a little bit warmer conditions tomorrow for your thursday in comparison to today when we really cooled off in the end. tonight's overnight '50s and few sixties winds have been blowing up the west and to 20 will continue to dial back as well right there that is the circulation that is around a core of the center of an area of low pressure offshore which is important now because will encourage all that subtropical moisture from what was once tropical storm had. the bay area over the weekend is right now and when forecast for thursday overnight some patchy fog otherwise a great start tomorrow then sunshine and extended forecast calls for just a chance is slight chance of a couple of rain drops from hector on saturday. a string of cities and '60s will be coming around
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the seashore for thursday otherwise '70s is common around the peninsula few low 80's at the los altos otherwise low 90s in morgan hill east of the day up to 95 degrees and to to the north of the golden gate bridge to 88 in sonoma loss san francisco will top off at 66 extended forecast again part of cloud over the weekend with a slight chance of a raindrop that's the forecast that is in sports is next. did wait long live the king that is the chance in seattle tonight also you why and the giants are dealt a severe blow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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animal kookaburras and suspended 50 games for testosterone here's the reaction from his teammates. did wait and think it's they can always forgive anybody for anything. i think that's what's makes the book is that people entering mistakes with vomit and man's career family and friends the team mates for debut this is part of one of those things as a learning experience. it's shocking in its southern never
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going to have to deal with. you never know what clinton someone's head and making decisions like that for whatever reason buddies would have to suffer the consequences and we have to continue to move on. did ways great are it plugola is now the giants left fielder batting over 100 points less than cabrera. getting a lecture in the second inning with a 8 2 oz a two-out single and that his dad and i really good man. the guinness had its to tim's come struggles four runs in four innings danny espinoza blasts went to the deepest part of the park for to washington and 164 picking up his 13th loss charles burke is 14th when the dodgers won 86 of the league now internationally by one game. mccarthy looking to extend his career best winning streak he pitched well but in the seventh kane has a double the deep left that tied the game is to later in the inning chris gets the doubles the royals' third
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straight double coming over to score the original winning run oaklands a's are now one and a half games back in the american league wild-card race. no. 5 red sox and orioles dustin the jury debt during home angeles tries to take out some someone his says not so fast. no. 4 tigers and twins because he is throwing his range and the tigers win five to one. how about number three? the usa beat mexico in mexico for the first time in 75 years? 80th in the midst the goal after a back roads past. #200 slides into home plate and his spikes hit the umpire in the face. . and never one history made in seattle the lives hernandez on amount he strikes out 12 against the raise
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for the perfect game in marin is a straight into a first time in baseball history,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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